The New Project Has Arrived!

Well, it happened! I won’t lie and say the trade went off without a hitch, but the bottom line is I have acquired my new Project Fiero. I haven’t thought of a name yet (My projects have names), but I will soon. I’m very excited to get to work on the car right away, although things will be put on the back burner slightly due to the holidays. Here are a few thoughts on my latest Fiero:

1. Overall, it’s in really good shape. There are a few minor cosmetic issues, and it has a blown head gasket, but it appears to be a relatively well taken care of vehicle considering its age.

2. It’s smaller than I remember. Getting in is a challenge, and with such a large steering wheel and no tilt column, driving it right now would be impossible. These things will be addressed.

3. I’ve decided to devote an entire page of this site to my new Fiero. Check out the “Project Fiero” tab at the top of this page and see what’s going on with it. I’m going to keep it on a budget, but I think it will be awesome.

That’s about it for now. I’ll keep updating the site as I get into it a little more.


Is there a new Fiero in my future?

OK, I’ll admit it. I started this site, and I don’t even own a Pontiac Fiero. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve owned 3 Fieros in the past, but I currently don’t have one.

Well, that may change very shortly. I have a deal arranged to trade my 1979 mustang pace car for a 1984 fiero 2m4 and some cash. There’s nothing wrong with the mustang, I just realized that I’m not a mustang person, so I’m making the trade. It should happen in a couple of days, so I’ll update the post and post some pics for sure.

I’ve got big plans for this new addition to the family, but overall I want to keep it stock-appearing. I think too many people get away from the lines that started it all and end up with something totally different. That’s OK, but there are fewer and fewer Fieros out there, and I want to maintain the spirit of the car. I’ll be sure to give more details on my plans for the car after the trade actually occurs. Wish me luck!

What is it about the Fiero?

What is it about the Pontiac Fiero that interests so many people, including myself? The car was only made for 5 years, and had mediocre sales during most of its production. So how did a car with such a limited history leave such an impression on automotive enthusiasts?

I think there are 2 main reasons why the Pontiac Fiero has such a following. It’s uniqueness and it’s versatility. The Fiero was the first 2 seater, rear-mid engine car produced domestically. It was the first domestic car mass produced with space frame construction, and the car contained many other engineering innovations as well. In combination with the Fiero’s unique, euro-esque styling, these features made for a very unique and interesting car which really caught the attention of car buyers.

Today, twenty something years after the end of the Fiero’s production, enthusiasts and hobbyists still keep the car alive. The versatility of the Pontiac Fiero has allowed “car people” to embrace the model and use it as a platform for their own automotive dreams. Engine swaps, body kits, and general imaginative engineering all suit the Fiero well.

There’s something else to the Fiero’s appeal, too. Drive one and you’ll find that the experience is similar to driving a go cart or a race car on the street. The low stance, driver position, and the feel of the road inches from your body all make driving the Fiero a unique experience. Although not for everyone, fans of the Fiero agree that the experience of driving one is like nothing else.

All in all, I guess it’s hard to put into words what makes the Fiero such a special car. I know that I fell in love with it years ago, and thousands of people agree with me when I say the Pontiac Fiero is an awesome little vehicle.