Fiero 2m4

Fiero 2m4

 Short for 2 seat, mid-engine, 4 cylinder, the Fiero 2m4 debuted in 1984, and was produced through the 1988 model year. The Pontiac Fiero was introduced as an economical commuter, and therefore the “iron duke” four-cylinder engine was always the staple of the line-up. The 2m4 could be had with either an automatic transmission or a manual shift, and certain options could be ordered as well. It ws devoid of any type of body cladding or ground effects, and sported a luggage rack on the rear deck rather than a spoiler. Overall, the 2m4 was an excellent commuter vehicle, and is what is most commonly associated with the Pontiac Fiero.

Notice the magnesium grill - a 1984 only feature

Notice the 1984 only magnesium grill insert. Later models changed to the more familiar side-mounted grills for better cooling and ventilation of the battery compartment.


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