Fiero Links

Here are all of the most useful links I’ve found regarding the Pontiac Fiero. If you have a good link you would like to share, send it to me and I may include it!

fiero-wikiWikipedia The internet encyclopedia has a pretty informational   write-up on the Pontiac Fiero. The article tells about the history of the Fiero, describes the various models, and dispels a few myths surrounding Pontiac’s stepchild. There are lots of great facts to be found here!



fiero-sailsFiero Sails – Every Fiero enthusiast should visit this site. Look at the “Fiero Secrets” tab, and while you’re there, order some custom sail panels for your Fiero. This is probably the largest collection of Fiero resources on the internet.



pennocksPennock’s Fiero Forum – This is the site on the internet for the Fiero enthusiast. Join the online forum and become a member of the largest Fiero community on the planet!



rodney-dickmanRodney Dickman’s Fiero Store – Here you’ll find a lot of great products to restore your Fiero and improve it’s looks and handling.



fiero-storeThe Fiero Store – The largest source of Fiero parts on the net. Check out the awesome selection of parts, accessories, and Fiero items.



v8-archieV8 Archie – The ultimate site for anyone wishing to install a chevrolet V8 engine into a Pontiac Fiero. Archie was one of the first, if not THE first person to do a V8 swap on a Fiero, and his kits are the most complete on the market. Be sure and check out his body kits and other services too.


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