What Makes the Pontiac Fiero so Interesting?

What is it about Fieros that makes them so interesting, so collectible, so…addicting? I feel like the Pontiac Fiero is a truly unique vehicle. It’s uniqueness is what makes it so novel and so much fun. It is, after all, the only 2 seat, rear-mid engine sports coupe ever manufactured in the United States. Think about that for a moment. It’s almost unbelievable that the Fiero holds that distinction.

Combined with the fact that the Fiero is a blast to drive, it’s uniqueness draws people to it. It also has a kit-car feel to it that is supported by a small but dedicated aftermarket. It almost seems like the perfect “project car” because it’s so easy to modify and tinker with.

Finally, like almost any car (or person for that matter), it’s the flaws of the Pontiac Fiero that really give it character and personality. It’s fun to talk about the history of the car and how “they all catch on fire”. It makes it just a little more special that they are quirky and require persistent maintenance. Almost like the classic British autos, you have to really know a Fiero and be willing to work on it to keep one on the road.

All in all, the Fiero is a fun, quirky, special little sports car that has captured the interest of thousands of enthusiasts. Embrace the Pontiac Fiero for what it is, and it’s inherent personality will engage you and draw you in. Enjoy your Fiero and revel in it’s uniqueness, regardless of its character flaws.


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