A Direction for Project Fiero

I wasn’t feeling to well last night, and I didn’t sleep much. The outcome of my sleepless night was positive, though – a direction for my Project Fiero. Several different factors contributed to my newfound insight on what I want the car to be:

  1. The demise of Pontiac this year
  2. The fact that the Fiero was the most innovative car produced by Pontiac
  3. Pontiac has always been my “favorite” car brand

Put these things together, and you get a very “Pontiac” feel, dont you? Therefore, I decided to keep the theme all Pontiac. Everything on the car will either be manufactured by Pontiac, or Pontiac “inspired”. Grand Am wheels, for example, rather than aftermarket ones. An upgraded interior from a Pontiac Firebird is another possibility. I would also like to play with the emblams a little, but I plan on keeping it tasteful. Overall, I still need to keep this project inexpensive and within my capabilities, so there won’t be anything too crazy.

I also determined that despite what I said elsewhere on this site, my favorite Fiero was my 1985 GT – a notchback with GT fascia and ground effects. That’s what I’m going to replicate with Project Fiero, so there will be a little more work than I originaly planned. I think it will be worth it. Here are a few pics of the 85 GT:


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